In Hirvikoski we have two kinds of rooms. Hotel rooms are newer and more comfortable than hostel rooms.

There are in a hotel room:

  • Television
  • Bed clothes and towels
  • Breakfast included


A view of the pleasant hotel room.

The hostel rooms are cheaper than hotel rooms, and two rooms have a common toilet and bathroom.

Prices include:

  • Bed clothes and towels
  • Breakfast included
huone4A view of the hostel room

Accomodation prices from 1.7.2013:

 Twin hotel room 96,00 / night
 Single room 70,00 / night
 Twin hostel room 70,00 / night
 Single hostel room 45,00 /night

Hostelling International members get 10% discount of accommodation price. Membership must prove when arriving.

More information at: Hostelling International Finland

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